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Data & Privacy

This policy describes the information we process to support Dreamable, its Services, other products and features offered by Dreamable Inc.

I. What kinds of information do we collect?

To provide the Dreamable Products, we must process information about you. The types of information we collect depend on how you use our Services. You can learn how to delete your account and information by visiting the Terms of Service and visiting your account settings.

1. Information and content you provide. We collect the content and other information you provide when you use our Services, including when you sign up for an account, create or share content. This can include information in or about the content you provide (like metadata), such as the location of a photo or the date a file was created.

2. Networks and connections. We collect information about accounts, and groups you are connected to and how you interact with them across our platform, such as people you communicate with most or group you are a part of. We do this to create a socially inclusive environment for all our users.

3. Your usage. We collect information about how you use our Services, such as the types of content you view or engage with; the features you use; the actions you take; the accounts you interact with; and the time, frequency and duration of your activities. We do this to understand how we can improve our platform and its Services for you.

4. Things others do and information they provide about you. We also receive and analyze content, communications and information that other people provide when they use our Products. This can include information about you, such as when others share or comment on a photo of you, send a message to you, or upload, sync or import your contact information.

As described below, we collect information from and about the computers, phones, and other web-connected devices you use that integrate with our Services, and we combine this information across different devices you use.

Information we do not collect or obtain

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  • We do not collect and store your gps location data or your address
  • We do not collect and store your billing information or its corresponding address
  • We do not access your camera or collect and store you photos
  • We do not collect and store your device attributes: information such as the operating system, hardware and software versions, battery level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, app and file names and types, and plugins.
  • We do not collect and store your device signals: Bluetooth signals, and information about nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons, and cell towers.
  • We do not collect and store data from device settings: information you allow us to receive through device settings you turn on, such as access to your GPS location, camera or photos.
  • Network and connections: information such as the name of your mobile operator or ISP, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, connection speed and, in some cases, information about other devices that are nearby or on your network. We do this to ensure our Services are being used legally specific the country they are being used in.
  • Cookie data: data from cookies stored on your device, including cookie IDs and settings.

Information we do collect

  • App interactions: information about operations and behaviors performed on the Dreamable app.

II. How do we use this information

We use the information we have (subject to choices you make) as described below and to provide and support the Dreamable Services.

We are constantly trying to provide, personalize and improve our Products.

We use the information we have to deliver our Services in a personalized way. To create personalized Services that are unique and relevant to you, we use your connections, preferences, interests and activities based on the data.

  • Information across Dreamable platforms: We connect information about your activities on different Dreamable platforms to provide a more tailored and consistent experience on all Dreamable Products you use, wherever you use them.  
  • Location-related information: We use your selected region, where you live to provide, personalized feed on Dreamable platforms.  
  • Product research and development: We use the information we have to develop, test and improve our Services, including by conducting surveys and research, and testing and troubleshooting new products and features.

Provide measurement, analytics, and other business services
We use the information we have to help us and partners measure the effectiveness and distribution of their ads and services, and understand the types of people who use their services and how people interact with their websites, apps, and services.

Promote safety, integrity and security
We use the information we have to verify accounts and activity, combat harmful conduct, detect and prevent spam and other bad experiences, maintain the integrity of our Services, and promote safety and security on and off of Dreamable.

Communicate with you
We use the information we have to send you marketing communications, communicate with you about our Services, and let you know about our policies and terms. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact us.

Research Innovate for Social Good
We use the information we have to conduct and support research and innovation on topics of general social welfare, technological advancement, public interest, health and well-being.

People and accounts you share and communicate with.
When you create content using our Products, you choose we can see your content and information. For example, when you create an account on Dreamable, you opt in to be a public account. Your network can also see actions you have taken on our platform. Public Information can be seen by anyone, on our platforms. This includes your Dreamable username, your profile pictures; and content you create on your Dreamable profile page.

Measurement Partners
We share information about you with companies that aggregate it to provide analytics and measurement reports to our partners. For a list of our product facilitators, vendors, and measurement partners click here.

Vendors and service providers.
We provide information and content to vendors and service providers who support our business, such as by providing technical infrastructure services, analyzing how our Products are used, providing customer service, facilitating payments or conducting surveys. For a list of our product facilitators, vendors, and measurement partners click here.

IV. How can I manage or delete information about me

We store data until it is no longer necessary to provide our Services, or until your account is deleted - whichever comes first. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things like the nature of the data, why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention needs.  To delete your account please contact support@dreamable.ca When we delete your account, we you have posted, such as your profile picture and your environmental impact. You will not be able to recover that information later. Information that others have shared about you isn't part of your account and won't be deleted.

V. How to contact Dreamable with questions

You can learn more about our services, data and privacy, our partner vendors here. If you have questions about this policy, you can contact us at support@dreamable.ca

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